Paphos, Ryanair, and rubbish leg room

Air travel is always a bit of a fiasco. Especially on a budget. None of this flying in style super duper luxury class with the likes of British Airways. No, for me it's steerage class with Ryanair. Having booked almost a year in advance, October 2017 for a trip in September 2018, and paid for … Continue reading Paphos, Ryanair, and rubbish leg room

Baby Lentil

22wks and 5 days. Over the halfway mark, no more morning sickness for buttercup. No odd cravings. Nothing really eventful which is always a plus. Nanny is getting frustrated that she hasn't felt lentil move, but to be fair buttercup has only just started feeling things in the last few weeks, and lentil won't really … Continue reading Baby Lentil