Broadband Pt 2

On September 24th I posted about how a few things had gone wrong, the broadband being one of them.

Since then, we still are without broadband. EE and BT Openreach keep bouncing the fault between them, however hopefully that at least will stop as BT have confirmed that after a full investigation their systems are working fine. So basically, it’s EE that’s the problem.

Not a massive surprise, it once took them 3 months to fulfill a home move order for buttercup.

Roll on to the 20th, I get my complaint callback. Spoke to a guy who said he things that a password is wrong somewhere, they’re going to check and if it is it will get corrected and problem solved.

I’m sorry, a password…? If it’s that simple why has it not been checked first. Why wait this long.

Later (today) I get another call. It was the wrong password, its been updated, please restart the hub. And so restart I did. And look oh look it’s fixed.

8 weeks…. Its taken 8 weeks to check a basic set of credentials and correct them…..

Screw you EE.

Broadband, Freezers, and Other Broken Things

The Broadband

It has been 3 weeks since our last broadband connection. We arrived home from Cyprus and found our home Internet-less. Since then we have survived on rations of 4G, however we are suffering from serious Eastenders withdrawal, which may prove fatal as we are now so far behind we may not be able to catch up.

Not too bad methinks, probably just a line fault or something, usually an overnight wait and it’s back up and running. Just not this time.

Anyhoo, phone EE to tell them about the problem and sort our a new package as its renewal time and they’ve some offers on. Got the renewal sorted. They comes in to effect from the 26th, so worst case I’d be without Internet until then, but they’ll fix it sooner.

Or not.

Still broken. They’ve given up at this point. Might have to question what I’ve paid for for the last month.

The Freezer

So…. Can anyone guess what happens when you close the freezer door a little too hard without realising?

Yup that’s right. It stays open a tiny bit all night.

The result? A very cold tile floor, and very melted frozen goods.

Could have been worse. It was mostly ice cream and a few bits that had been knocking around for so long they’d never get used anyway.

Job of the morning: empty the freezer and give it a clean. Close the door. Ensure closed. Job done.


Other Broken Things

Which in this instance means the fridge.

What happens when your fridge-freezer is run off one motor and said motor has burnt itself out trying to cool down a freezer that has an open door?

Yup that’s right again. The fridge gets a tad warm…

So. Clear out the fridge. Combined loses of food: about £60.

But, oh shit, we don’t have a fridge or freezer anymore.

  • Good news: we have one in storage.
  • Bad news: it’s bastard huge and we don’t have a van.
  • Great news: Buttercups step dad and friend to the rescue.

They collected keys from us, got the new fridge freezer up and the old one down and out (did I mention we live in a second floor flat?), so massive thank you to them. Paid in the form of beer 🍻 (naturally!)

Whack a sign on the fridge that’s now outside so nobody thinks it’s been dumped, and pay the council to collect it. Job done.

September has truly been an eventful month.