And now for something completely the same…

Well, it's been a while since my last post. Life gets in the way of everything I guess. I've had a lot on I suppose, which hopefully I will be able to write about in a few other posts assuming I have the time. At the moment I feel the main thing I need to … Continue reading And now for something completely the same…

Wedding Bells Pt 2: It’s All About Us

Last time I wrote about the wedding (see Wedding Bells: Dilemmas and Complications) I had no idea what kind of wedding I wanted. I had no idea who I wanted there, where I wanted it to be. Really I just had no idea. Now I can safely say we have a plan. Sort of. Originally … Continue reading Wedding Bells Pt 2: It’s All About Us

The Madness of King Pablo Iron Throne by Wicker Paradise The King is dead. Long live the King. Pablos decent into madness has been an ongoing problem for quite some time now. But the extent of his truly insane nature has only been realised following developments witnessed over the last few weeks. Until recently Pablo and Maggie had been … Continue reading The Madness of King Pablo

The Baby Bedroom Bonanza Pt 2

Well, that was fun. Two beds dismantled, one moved to another room and then re-assembled, the other disposed of (more or less), one cot built, and various bits of sorting out sorted out. Ginger came round to help, for which I am so very grateful, there is no way I would have achieved it all … Continue reading The Baby Bedroom Bonanza Pt 2

The Baby Bedroom Bonanza

Well this is it. With only a short while to go (33 days at the time of writing this post), it is time for Buttercup and I to get the room for Lentil sorted out. Lentil is due to arrive on 29th December, and therefore won't actually need their own room until about June, but … Continue reading The Baby Bedroom Bonanza

Parambulator Permutations

Yet again the topic of conversation seems to be how much money can my sister get out of dad. Having recent announced her pregnancy, dad has offered to buy her a pram. So of course the comment from mum that followed was that she should "make sure it's an expensive one". Given that this is … Continue reading Parambulator Permutations

Three big walks and a bucket of sweat

First Walk Last couple of days Maggie has had to work fairly early in the morning. Dad normally drives her the roughly 7km to work then leaves her the car and walks back. I decided to join him, figures it was still early enough so wouldn't so unbearably hot walking about would be horrendous. I … Continue reading Three big walks and a bucket of sweat

The Taxi Panic, A Bad Breakfast, and A Surprise For Dad

The Taxi Panic After the arduous ordeal that is any Ryanair flight we arrived, 40 minutes late I might add, we arrived in Paphos. Not the city of course. 1am local time and still only at the airport. The hotel is still almost 20km away, and there are no buses at this time that I … Continue reading The Taxi Panic, A Bad Breakfast, and A Surprise For Dad

Paphos, Ryanair, and rubbish leg room

Air travel is always a bit of a fiasco. Especially on a budget. None of this flying in style super duper luxury class with the likes of British Airways. No, for me it's steerage class with Ryanair. Having booked almost a year in advance, October 2017 for a trip in September 2018, and paid for … Continue reading Paphos, Ryanair, and rubbish leg room