Castle Park Parkrun #3

Hot one today. But set a PB. Strava time was 43:29, but I think I stopped the fitbit a little late. The official time came in at 42:00 besting my two previous times. 3 runs, 3 PBs. 😁 With me today, Laura and Gilly. At least to begin with. The heat got to me, and … Continue reading Castle Park Parkrun #3

The Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation

federation fɛdəˈreɪʃ(ə)n noun 1. a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs. "the Russian Federation" 2. the action of forming states or organizations into a single group with centralized control. "a first step in the federation of Europe" It's funny because this is a Facebook group of like-minded people who … Continue reading The Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation