Thinking about my thinking

You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warmPenny Reid - Beard in Mind I don't think of myself as a martyr, or a hero, or any kind of positive kind of good samaritan esque thing. I used to suffer from the delusion that if I do nice things for people … Continue reading Thinking about my thinking

What to do with the blog.

I feel like I need to be putting more effort into this....whatever this is. Having a child takes up an exorbitant amount of time, as does work and sleep, leaving very little time for writing. And of course then you have the issue of what to write about. Thing is, I started this thing to … Continue reading What to do with the blog.

My guide to determining the next prime minister

Personally I think that the leadership of this country should be determined by making all the candidates take part in a weird combination trial with elements from the following: 1) Gladiator 2) Total Wipe-out 3) Takeshis Castle and just to make things interesting 4) Come Dine with Me 5) Strictly Come Dancing 6) X Factor … Continue reading My guide to determining the next prime minister

The Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation

federation fɛdəˈreɪʃ(ə)n noun 1. a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs. "the Russian Federation" 2. the action of forming states or organizations into a single group with centralized control. "a first step in the federation of Europe" It's funny because this is a Facebook group of like-minded people who … Continue reading The Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation