The Parking Ticket or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Parking Nazis

A parking ticket? A parking ticket?! (My kingdom for a parking ticket!)

We Got a Parking Ticket

We Got a Parking Ticket – Adam Gerard

Furious doesn’t even begin to cover it. There are millions of words in the english language, but I don’t think I can string enough of them together to accurately describe just how angry I am. But apparently I’m about to try.

The reason I am so annoyed is that due to a technicality the parking company have got me over a barrel. The reason for the ticket being issued is that I “failed to correctly display a valid permit or ticket” for my residents parking space. I do indeed have a residents permit, which is displayed in the windscreen of my car, however it appears in the recent cold weather it had lost its sticky (I assume due to condensation) and had relocated itself to the passenger footwell.

I got the ticket on Tuesday, and had last used my car on Sunday so naturally I have no idea at what point this adhesive failure actually occurred.

Having sent an appeal in explain the situation as above I have received the following response:

Having considered the points you have raised and reviewed our records, we are unable to accept your appeal. Our main reason(s) for this decision are as follows:

The signs at the car park make it clear that the land is private property and that a charge of £100 will be levied if vehicles park outside of the Terms and Conditions displayed.

The signs make it clear that a valid permit must be clearly displayed in the vehicle parked; on this occasion the above detailed vehicle was observed parked whilst not correctly displaying a valid permit therefore you became liable for the Charge advertised.

e appreciate that you have now provided us with a copy of your permit; however the evidence shows that the permit was not clearly displayed at the time the vehicle was parked. It was your responsibility to ensure that the permit was clearly displayed before leaving the vehicle parked.

In recognition of the particular circumstances, and as a gesture of goodwill, we are prepared to offer you the opportunity to pay a reduced settlement charge of £20.00 provided that payment is received within our office by the 24th December 2018 after which the amount payable will revert to £100.00.

Well, I guess £20 is better than £100. And it’s a lot of effort to take the legal route of pointing out that I have never actually agreed to the use of a parking enforcement agency for the car park (residents were not consulted), but the use of a parking space is permitted in my lease, as such I don’t need a permit. 

Article 1 of the First Protocol: Protection of property allows the freedom to enjoy property and any perks it comes with, which arguably extends to the ability to park ones car. However, I run the risk of being shafted in to paying £100 so I’ll forget about my rights for a second and just pay the £20.

And then remember my other rights. Specifically the right to a Subject Access Request demanded access to all data relating to me, my property, and my car from the company, which will likely cost them the £20 all over again. What can I say, I like to get my money’s worth.

Sick Days: A Call Center Agents Dilemma

As a general rule, most people don’t want to take time off work when they are ill. they’d rather just get one with it. Especially when their main symptom is a cough and sore throat.


Around about this time every year office bugs do their rounds; making a large proportion of the office staff snotty, and cough and yucky. It gives people sore throats, and causes issues with speech as a result. In most jobs this wouldn’t be an issue; you just grab some lemsip, dose yourself up, and crack on. So what happens when you work in a call center?

In a call center your voice is your job, without it you cannot work.

Yesterday I took my third sick day in three years, which I personally think is an extremely good sick rate (3 in 1095, or 1 in 364, or 0.27%). However before I made the decision to call in sick, I had the cell center agents dilemma.

The more people that call in sick, the higher the pressure for the remaining staff. This whole week I have been in, but other staff have been off sick as well. On one of the days I was in we were 12 people down (not all sick, some were off as holiday) but it mean the pressure mounted for the rest of us to pick up the pace. As always we managed. But for me, taking a day off sick isn’t as simple as taking a day off to rest up and get better.

I know I am letting my team down, I know that the calls I am not there to take still exist, so someone else will have to do them. I know I am letting my team manager down. I know I am not getting paid as well.

This is why the dilemma. There is zero protection for call center agents. If we’re becoming ill, we just get on with it. Because there is no paid sick leave for the first three days. So nobody takes preventative measures to ensure that they don’t become more ill. Because they don’t want to lose money.

Our company recently sent an email round which can be summarised as

“if you call in sick, don’t forget, you’re letting your team down”

I assume the idea was more to get staff to only call in sick if they really truly need to. But there’s no denying, there was a lot of grumbling about that being borderline bullying.

Personally I think if a bigger effort was made to lookout for the welfare of staff before they get ill, less would be inclined to take time off sick. I also think if a better effort was made to sort out the offices mouse problem, there would be less germs. We all know how the plague happened….

Computer mouse

Broadband Pt 2

On September 24th I posted about how a few things had gone wrong, the broadband being one of them.

Since then, we still are without broadband. EE and BT Openreach keep bouncing the fault between them, however hopefully that at least will stop as BT have confirmed that after a full investigation their systems are working fine. So basically, it’s EE that’s the problem.

Not a massive surprise, it once took them 3 months to fulfill a home move order for buttercup.

Roll on to the 20th, I get my complaint callback. Spoke to a guy who said he things that a password is wrong somewhere, they’re going to check and if it is it will get corrected and problem solved.

I’m sorry, a password…? If it’s that simple why has it not been checked first. Why wait this long.

Later (today) I get another call. It was the wrong password, its been updated, please restart the hub. And so restart I did. And look oh look it’s fixed.

8 weeks…. Its taken 8 weeks to check a basic set of credentials and correct them…..

Screw you EE.

Madam Pt 2: The Disciplinary Bonus

Swear to God.

Swear. To. God.

Madam is the only person I have ever met who doesn’t understand the insanity of complaining that she didn’t get a bonus in the same month that she was given a verbal warning following a disciplinary.

I mean honestly. Why would you expect to be rewarded having been punished.

Hey mum, dad, I got a detention at school today, can I have a pizza party?


And this is all I have heard all day. Non stop whining about why it’s unfair she doesn’t get a bonus. Bonuses are for people who do well at their job, without the need to cheat and be subvertive, without getting in to trouble, and without generally being a fucking cockwomble.

Everybody wants an empire

Everyone wants an empire. Everyone wants something that is theirs, that they control.

Problem is, all these empires are run by people with little man syndrome. They all want peace and tranquility without the need to put any effort it, but the moment something happens that runs the risk of ruining the peace and tranquility, their empire is sudden somebody else’s problem.

Of course if everyone wasn’t a complete cockwomble perhaps it wouldn’t be so much on an issue.

Do the job you are paid to do, and leave me to do the job I am paid to do.

Madam is as Madam does

Why does he get to have Fridays off? I need Fridays off.

The envious shade of green madam decided to put on at this stage of the day was particularly impressive. Who knows what goes through her mind most of the time. Let’s be honest, we all know that she doesn’t actually need Fridays off for a reason, she presumably doesn’t even actually want to go part time to achieve something like this, she just wants what somebody else has. Or, allegedly has. It’s not even been confirmed.

Just one of many, many, many things the little madam has come out with that are beyond belief.

God I don’t get paid enough for this shit.

She said despite being the highest paid staff member in the department.

But it doesn’t stop getting better and better. On Saturday she was pulled in to a meeting with our manager. The nature of the meeting? Her multiple 11 minute plus “comfort breaks”.

She admitted at this time that she had been using this time doing whatever it is she does on her phone. She just didn’t care.

Not that that’s anything new.

Her tenancy to pop herself on busy towards the end of the day on Saturdays for the last 10 minutes or so, so as to avoid that last minute call that would mean she might not finish work on time, hasent exactly gone unnoticed. So she’s had to change tactic. But they’ll catch on again.

Today she slipped off leaving herself on idle with the lines closed. That didn’t go unnoticed either.

And neither did her comment about people taking holiday to sit around she do nothing when she wants the same week to go abroad.

Or the prize she got given for having won a competition, except she didn’t win, they just gave her a prize anyway to stop her whining.

Because of madam doesn’t get what madam wants, madam will be sure to raise hell.

It’s a shame she’s such a stuck up cunt, if she wasn’t she’d be quite a nice person. Though I guess she does have one good attribute: she has a wonderful boyfriend.

He gave her Clamydia


The Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation

a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs.
“the Russian Federation”
the action of forming states or organizations into a single group with centralized control.
“a first step in the federation of Europe”

It’s funny because this is a Facebook group of like-minded people who want to help and improve their beloved town, when really nothing of the sort goes on in this group.

All I see in this group is whining, and ranting, and hatred for this that and the other. The vast majority of the posts from members amount to nothing more than digital curtain twitching. And most certainly not a federation.

Every day someone posts something that someone else gets the hump with because their values/auras/whatever don’t quite align. But instead of talking things out like the adults we all allege to be, it descends in to a chaotic argument, like children in a playground.

Everyone wants every problem resolved. Everyone wants a perfect town.


Nobody wants to act to resolve anything. Nobody wants to act to help the town.

We all just want perfection.