Leif Ragnarsson


This post is intended to be a pretext for the stories that will unfold following my latest play through of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I am using various mods to make my play more realistic than the base game, a list of which is below. I am also trying to play to a set of general rules, again to keep with the overall character bio.

The bio and character introduction are written in a wikia-esque format that many will be familiar with from both the Elder Scrolls Wikia and UESP sites.

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this enjoys the bio, and I look forward to writing the first proper installment of Leif Ragnarsson’s stories. Please feel free to comment below with any feedback, comments, suggestions, or even things you want to see (read) happen later!


I am using various mods for skyrim, mostly fixes as well as numerous overhauls. There’s about 93 in total, so I wont post a full list, however these are the main ones:

Alternate Start
Live Another Life
CampfireCarriage and Ferry
Climates of Tamriel
Complete Crafting
Convenient HorsesFrostfallImmersive Armors
Immersive HUD
Immersive Patrols JK’s Skyrim
All in One
Man Those Borders
Open Cities Skyrim Realisting Lighting
Realistic Ragdolls
and Force
Realistic Water Two
Skyrim Better
Roads SE
Sky UI True Storms
Special Edition
Undiscovered Means
Unofficial Skyrim
Special Edition Patch
Unread Books Glow Wet and Cold


  • No crime (murder, theft, trespassing, etc) – Leif is an honest man and apart from a minor transgression (see below) he lives an honest life
  • No fast travel – Leif cannot teleport, using a cart of ferry is the exception
  • No waiting outdoors – waiting 19 hours in the pouring rain or freezing cold is not realistic
  • No running for miles – as athletic as Leif is, he cannot run from Markarth to Winterhold without stopping
  • Lawful Good – Leif is honourable, compassionate, and strives to uphold the law and the goodnature of the Nords
  • Only rest in locations where it makes sense to rest. (No more sleeping in half-cleared dungeons still crawling with enemies.)
  • No compass – navigate relying on the map only

Early Life

Born:22 Midyear 4E 173
(Aged 28 at the beginning
of the events of Skyrim)
Place of Birth:Dawnstar, The Pale
Father:Ragnar Eriksson
(Deceased, Died during childbirth)

Born to a penniless father, Leif knew nothing of his mother who had died giving birth to him. He was raised in the traditional Nord manner, learning that hard labour would be his life. His toys a miner’s pickaxe and a woodcutter’s axe. Until the age of 12 he saw little of his father, who worked between the mines in Dawnstar, Leif was raised mainly by the Thoring, the owner of Windpeak Inn, and earned his keep serving food and drinks to the inns patrons, as well as running meals to the mines themselves.

At the age of 16 Leif was old enough to work in the mines themselves, and went to work with his father for Betleid, the owner of Iron-Breaker Mine, usually working up to 18 hours a day. At times when Betleid did not have as much work for her miners, Leif did occasional labour across town at Quicksilver Mine.

Death of Ragnar Eriksson

Leif Ragnarsson at work in Iron-Breaker Mine
Leif Ragnarsson at work in Iron-Breaker Mine

Shortly after Leifs 19th Birthday, disaster struck in Iron-Breaker Mine, and his father was killed in a tragic accident when several logs holding the wall of a new area of the mine collapsed and Ragnar was crushed to death.

As between them Leif and his father had barely been able to keep food on the table, the upkeep on their small house was behind, and following his father’s death the house was declared forfeit by Jarl Skald the Elder, and in exchange for Leifs debts, inherited from his father, were void.

Middle Years

Shortly before the events of Skyrim in the year 4E 199, 27 year old Leif is still finding work in the mines of Dawnstar, as he has done for the past decade. A small bounty of 3 gold had been place on Leifs head having been caught stealing bread during the night after he had been unable to work and thus had not been paid. The bounty was not sufficient that the hold guards would arrest Leif on sight, however it meant that he had to take care not to upset any locals more than he already had.

The work is tough, and pays so little that Leif still has no permanent residence, however was frequently permitted by Thoring to use the spare room at the Inn in exchange for a reduced charge for food and board.

Leif Camping at Windward Ruins
Leif camping at Windward Ruins

During the nights Leif was unable to afford the room and could only spare gold to eat, he would head out of town and camp at the nearby Windward Ruins, owing to the Jarls strict laws against camping on the streets of Dawnstar, and while it was permitted to camp just outside the city walls, Leif didn’t wish to do so as he knew the bounty on his head could mean an easy arrest during his sleep by the guards, should they feel that way inclined. The nights were tough, and Leif was frequently attacked by Skeevers in his sleep.

By this time, Leif had scraped together enough gold to have bought some light hide armor to keep the cold out, as well as a traditional steel warhammer with which to protect himself.

Waking Nightmare

Determined to make much more of a name for himself than the title of “Homeless Miner”, Leif spent many evenings in the wilderness just beyond Dawnstar hunting the wolves and trolls that lurked nearby and threatened the safety of the town. Though he accumulated many kills, his actions went largely unnoticed by the Jarl and townsfolk, with the exception of Rustleif the Blacksmith who bought the pelts Leif returned with in exchange for maintaining Leifs armor and weapon.

Leif persevered for 2 years until 4E 201 when, shortly after his 29th Nameday the people of Dawnstar were taken ill by an unknown sleeping plague, with those afflicted suffering terrible nightmares.

This continued for months, with symptoms worsening nightly, and some of the worst hit falling asleep, never to wake again.

It was around this time a Dunmer named Erandur, a follower of Mara, came in to town. He was a troubled man, heavily concerned with the illness that has swept the settlement, yet he himself was not affected by it. He tended to those he could and helped ease their suffering to the best of his ability, but it wasn’t enough.

Some time in Last Seed Erandur approach Leif, asking for his assistance as he knew a way of releasing the town from its plague, but was unable to manage this alone.

Seeing this as his chance to change his fortune and make a name for himself Leif agreed to help, and together they set off in to the hills above Dawnstar, heading for Nightcaller Temple, where our story begins.

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