What to do with the blog.

I feel like I need to be putting more effort into this….whatever this is.

Having a child takes up an exorbitant amount of time, as does work and sleep, leaving very little time for writing. And of course then you have the issue of what to write about.

Thing is, I started this thing to write about the stuff that was going on in my life that I felt I wanted to share with anyone and everyone, but I don’t really have many people to talk to and have proper adult conversations with.

Recently though I have been spending more time with a colleague, going out on lunch walks to try and get a bit fitter and so I talk to him, hence I end up writing less.

Outside of that, I’d use this blog to share with my family the summeries of my doings in life, but they’re not really that interesting, and now that I have a child they’re naturally more interested in the child than what I’m doing with my plant pots.

I’m not ready to call it a day here, so we’ll see what I can think of in the not too distant future.

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