Wedding Bells Pt 2: It’s All About Us

Last time I wrote about the wedding (see Wedding Bells: Dilemmas and Complications) I had no idea what kind of wedding I wanted. I had no idea who I wanted there, where I wanted it to be. Really I just had no idea.

Now I can safely say we have a plan.

Sort of.

Originally we had planned to get married legally on a Friday, just myself and Buttercup and two close friends as witnesses. Then have a “mock” ceremony the following day for everyone and then the reception in the evening. This was due to budget reasons as the legal ceremony would only cost £40 rather then around £600.

Then mum decided to offer money. Which is infuriating as she has only offered after being told she wouldn’t be at the legal ceremony. Nor would any other family member for that matter. So we rethought the plan and decided to move things to Saturday entirely and have a small registry office ceremony for immediate family and close friends only, followed by a reception for everyone later.

Good plan. Except….

Can’t get married on a Saturday as we wanted as no registry offices are open. So Friday it is.

Now, the option there is go big or go small, and as small is more in keeping with the budget, even with any extra money we’re given, small it is. This means we’re now looking at a 70 guest max wedding, nice and cosy. And in all likelihood we’ll have fewer than that.

This in itself raises the next problem. Mum and Sister in very close proximity to dad and Maggie.

Why is nothing ever simple?

Still. The argument remains that it’s all about us. But that doesn’t mean we get it easy. Somehow I have to ensure that there is no drama at my own wedding. Doesn’t matter that it’s a wedding. Doesn’t matter that it’s family. I still don’t feel I can trust mum and sister to not kick off.

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