Daffodils, Butterfly Flowers, and a Bulb of Garlic

Being the adult-y sort of adult that I am I thought I would try my hand at a little bit of horticulture. I have had a few pot plants before and they did alright, and I’ve managed to kill an orchid so I’m fairly sure I know what I am doing.

Hoverfly on Flower
One of many flowers to have lived, and died, in my “garden”

I’ve always dreamed of having my own veggie patch, and a herb garden, so I figured:

“What am I waiting for? Why not just crack on and see how it goes!”

There is, alas, one slight set back to my dream garden. I live in a second floor flat with a small triangular balcony. But hey ho, you gotta work with what you’ve got.

So I bought some daffodil bulbs back in the winter. Nothing to extravagant, nice and simple to begin with. These sprouted and flowered for a bit, seemed to do quite nicely, but withered when the cold came back.


So I bought some seeds, specifically ones that are supposed to attract butterflies but not bees and I’ve got them planted. They seem to be coming along nicely.

Finally, the garlic. I’ve popped a couple of cloves in a pot. Should start to see some growth soon and with any luck they’ll be ready for harvest in the autumn.

And that’s how my balcony garden started. With some daffodils, butterfly flowers and a bulb of garlic.

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