The Arrival of Lentil

It took a while, but she’s finally here. My little Lentil. Born on 28th December 2018 at 16:21 by c-section and weighing 9lbs 2oz!

We went in to the hospital on Boxing Day for the induction, and after a difficult labour (52 hours total) she was finally out. Buttercup endured hell with this birth. Lots of vomit, lots of pain.

The induction process started at about midday on the 26th December, though nothing much happened for the first 24 hours after this. On 27th December they started stage 2 of the induction, and this is where things really got interesting. The cramping and sickness to be specific.

By 2am on the 28th Buttercup was 4cm dilated and in “active” labour, so we were transferred to the delivery unit. From there is got worse before it got better.

The gas and air made Buttercup sick and delirious. She didn’t really know what was going on, just that she hurt and wanted it to stop. This I cannot deny was highly distressing, especially at the point where Buttercup was barely conscious, and the few moments she was, the only word she could whisper was “help”.

Next came the Epidural. This took a full 90 minutes to arrange. Unfortunately the procedure to insert the line for the administration of the drug required Buttercup to remain in a certain position, and stay extremely still. Which she couldn’t do. She just didn’t respond to instructions, even at the point where we were shouting at her in an attempt to shock her out of it. The doctors eventually administered a local anesthetic and we took away the gas and air. A few minutes passed and it was almost as if someone had flipped a switch. Buttercup was back, alert, awake, she knew exactly what was going on and everything became so much easier.

With the Epidural finally in place things really did get much easier, and now it was a case of waiting until Buttercup was 10cm dilated before moving to the next stage. I took this opportunity to have a nap, sat bolt upright on the floor. My first hours sleep in the last 36 hours.

10cms arrived and it was time to start pushing. The midwife upped the dosage of Oxytocin to ramp up the contractions and Buttercup pushed with all her might for well over an hour and a half, slowing making progress, Lentil getting closer and closer. Until the progress stopped.

Lentil was stuck. She’d hit the pubic bone and couldn’t move any further,

A consultation with the doctor was held, and it was decided to move to theater. The new plan was to attempt to assist with forceps, with a cesarean as the backup plan. So down to theater we went.

At this point I really wish I had taken a selfie in my scrubs as I looked particularly ridiculous.

With a forceps assisted delivery, the doctor is only allowed 3 attempts before they move on to the cesarea, and those attempts were used up pretty quickly.

Cesareans are an amazing process. From the first incision to my little girl being officially born was roughly 6 minutes. After this was about 45 minutes of Buttercup being sewn and stapled back together.

She was finally here. My beautiful baby daughter.

Baby Lentil

I would like to thank all the staff of the Rosie Maternity Hospital for being so amazing throughout this time.

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