Pregnancy Jitters Pt 2

Well, after our scare the other day ( Pregnant Jitters ) Buttercup was not induced as the ward was full and actually closed to new arrivals / inductions. As Lentils movements were back to normal, and the midwives and doctors were happy with everything, we were actually discharged, and we were told that Buttercup would be sent for a scan, just to make sure everything is fine, and she’d be sent a letter confirming when this scan was. We assumed that has they were not sending her for this scan immediately, it was nothing to be worried about, just a precaution.

As a result Buttercup made the decision that she wanted to started her maternity leave early. To be honest, she was due to work the Monday and Tuesday and be on leave Wednesday (today as I am writing this post) so she’s only actually gone on leave two days early.

Sunday came and went, we took it pretty easy, trying to relax as much as possible.

Monday came and went, no sign of this appointment confirmation.

Tuesday, Buttercup went in to town to do some bits, came home as the postman was delivering, checked the post: Nothing.

So she phoned the Rosie hospital and spoke to the assessment line and it was confirmed that no appointment had been made. So they booked an “emergency” one at 5.15.

Cue the phonecall to work. Fortunately Buttercup has our managers direct dial, and my desk is situated right next to our manager. At the time the call came through, I was actually with two of the other managers nearby, in fact immediately behind my managers desk. I’m mid referral and get a tap on the should, a phone thrust in my face and am told:

Your birds on the phone, nothing to worry about.

What do you mean nothing to worry about. After the weekend, of course I’m worried. I am literally on edge all the time.

Anyway, Buttercup tells me what she told our manager, that the appointments been booked, and it’s arranged for me to leave work a little before 4pm to get to the hospital.

Scan was absolutely fine, but it indicates that Lentils current weights is about 4,111g (or 9lbs 1oz), so getting quite large, so the midwife wants us to see a doctor about this.

A little over four hours to be precise to be seen by the doctor. Having had a look over the notes in Buttercups maternity file we were advised he wanted to induce the pregnancy. On Christmas Eve.

So, there’s a very real chance we will have a Christmas baby, and an even bigger chance that most of Christmas may well be spent in a hospital doing very little other than waiting.

As a result we are now doing everything we can to induce the birth ourselves.

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