Pregnancy Jitters

Today began, and continued, as a normal Friday would. We woke up, we had breakfast and coffee, got dressed went to work.

Things were going pretty well up to a certain point. I had just taken my Nth call of the day, chatting with a nice lady about a policy she had recently purchased, explained some of the terms she was confused by, as perfectly normal call.

Just out of the corner of my eye to my left I can see one of the managers trying to get my attention, I hadn’t realised she was talking to me as my headset is on my left ear so while I can hear her voice, I can’t actually make out what she is saying. While my customer is talking I quickly mute my mic and ask what the issue is, and point to my phone to indicate I am talking. This manager comes to my side and tells me she needs me urgently; so I apologise to my customer and explain that my attention is urgently needed for a moment and that I would need to place her on hold.

It is at this point that I am told there is a problem with Buttercup: she hasn’t felt Lentil move for a while. In fact, she hasn’t felt Lentil move in such a long time she is worried, and having called the maternity unit, they have advised her to go in and see them. Due to this, I am told to drop everything, someone will come over and take over the call.

So. Mad march up the hill (fortunately our flat is only a few minutes walk away from work), hop in the car and drive the 30 min drive to the hospital to get checked out.

On the way, I’m trying to remaining calm, and happy, and make lots of jokes and keep Buttercup talking, but I know that she’s worried, and I’m worried too. But I don’t want to show it, because if I show it, it will make her feel worse, which will make me feel worse, and then the whole thing spirals out of control.

Fortunately, once we got to the hospital, and they rigged Buttercup up to a monitor we discovered Lentil is absolutely fine. Good strong heartbeat, some movements. Not enough movements to not be a worry at all, but not so few that its some sort of crisis.

To be on the safe side, Buttercup is being kept in overnight to keep an eye on her and Lentil, and we’re potentially looking at being induced tomorrow. Personally I want to wait a little longer, but ultimately, if the midwives and doctors feel it is necessary to induce, we can’t really argue with this.

For now we can but watch this space.

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