The Baby Bedroom Bonanza Pt 2

Well, that was fun. Two beds dismantled, one moved to another room and then re-assembled, the other disposed of (more or less), one cot built, and various bits of sorting out sorted out.

Ginger came round to help, for which I am so very grateful, there is no way I would have achieved it all without him, and there is only so much Buttercup can do, given that she can’t really do much lifting or heavy stuff; and flat-packing is not my forte!

Although a lot of boxes and files went up in the lost space there is still so much of dads stuff needing sorting out still.

One thing that was quite interesting was how many old photos we found of dad and his family. Some photos I had seen before, but some never! As well as this we found various letters of commendation from earlier in dads police career as a beat bobby. Two in particular stood out to me. The first commending dad on having broken in to a gentleman’s garage using a spade and providing first aid at this incident which according to the superintendent

may have stopped a fatal incident

The other noted that over the course of several hours, dad, along with a colleague, talked a man down from a bridge where he was threatening to jump.

How incredible that I may never have seen these letters if Buttercup and I hadn’t have fallen pregnant, moved in to the flat, and needed to sort out these files!

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