The Baby Bedroom Bonanza

Well this is it. With only a short while to go (33 days at the time of writing this post), it is time for Buttercup and I to get the room for Lentil sorted out.

Lentil is due to arrive on 29th December, and therefore won’t actually need their own room until about June, but we already have a lot of baby furniture so it needs to go somewhere. Cot Bed, changing table and various other bits, all take up a lot of room, especially in a two bedroom flat.

Our problem is that with dad having moved out to Paphos, and and us having moved in to his flat, there is a lot of his stuff still knocking about. Most of his things have already gone to Cyprus, but other non-essentials are still here. Some bits like paperwork obviously need to be retained so will go in the loft space (one of the perks of being on the top floor and having a hatch in to the roof void). Other bits need sorting out and either chucking, or getting stored elsewhere. This is where the fun begins.

Quite honestly I really don’t know what we are going to do with a lot of the stuff. I don’t know where to begin. What is important? What isn’t? What of the stuff I see as useless is sentimental to him? Or is there anything that I think he would want me to keep but actually is just junk?

I think every man has that weird dream of starting with an empty room and building a dream nursery from nothing. I have a nightmare instead. Knowing that I am starting with a full room, and ending with a full room. No blank canvas, no drawing board, no real plan. I know what I am starting with, and I know what I need to finish with, I just don’t know what the bit in the middle is.

Currently the task list is as follows:

  1. Assess room
  2. ????
  3. Admire achievement

I mean, seriously, I don’t think I could have a worse plan if I tried.

Buttercup tells me not to stress about it, and I know I really shouldn’t. I can’t help it though, it’s what I do, it’s the kind of person that I am. I could literally scream.

Who knows. We’re getting started on this monumental task tomorrow. So we’ll see what happens then….

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