Wedding Bells: Dilemmas and Complications

November 2019: The long awaited wedding of Buttercup and I.

Except, I can’t picture it. Not because I don’t think it’s going to happen, it definitely will. But because I don’t have a clue exactly how it’s going to happen.

As we are paying for the whole thing ourselves, we have to budget and only have what we can afford. This means cutting out things we really want, like a fancy wedding car, because we just don’t have the money. Mum seems to think that dad should pay for our wedding because she paid for my sisters. What mum doesn’t realise is that my sister and dad have barely spoken in the last decade, whereas I have maintained a good relationship with both of them.

We thought about having a small ceremony to again cut back on costs, but this would involve having my mum, dad, and sister in very close proximity. Which given the highly volatile relationship triangle between the three of them doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Both mum and dad have stated that they would just ignore the other at the event, and as such there is nothing to worry about between them. I don’t believe this. Something will happen. Because it’s not just them I have to worry about. It’s the other family members.

It’s almost Romeo and Juliet. Except the Montagues and Capulets aren’t two rival families, they’re warring sides of one family. And nobody will end up dead…

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