Parambulator Permutations

Yet again the topic of conversation seems to be how much money can my sister get out of dad. Having recent announced her pregnancy, dad has offered to buy her a pram. So of course the comment from mum that followed was that she should

“make sure it’s an expensive one”.

Given that this is the first time I have posted about them, I should start by explaining their relationship to date. It’s bad. Really bad. I could probably count the number of times they have seen each other in the past 11 years using only my hands.

The problem I have, and the thing that makes it all the more unfair for me, is that as usual I can’t say anything to dad, because that’s unfair to him, and I can’t any anything to mum or sister because I’ll just get a rant from them about how much of a shitty person dad supposedly is.

My worry is really more that he’ll agree to buy things for her to make her not hate him, and the end result will be that it’s a relationship built on money and nothing else. A larger irony is that its ok for dad to buy things for my sister, but not ok for mum to buy things for me because that should be dad’s responsibility (this is largely to do with the wedding and will be the feature of its own post)

Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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