Three big walks and a bucket of sweat

First Walk

Last couple of days Maggie has had to work fairly early in the morning. Dad normally drives her the roughly 7km to work then leaves her the car and walks back.

I decided to join him, figures it was still early enough so wouldn’t so unbearably hot walking about would be horrendous. I was right but only just. It wasn’t horrendous. It wasn’t unbelievably hot. It was just very hot.

Fortunately it’s mostly flat or downhill so not too strenuous. Unfortunately a lot is along main roads without a pavement. But you stick to the edges and most drivers are considerate and pull out a little to give you space.

This one was a bit of a challenge as I haven’t been walking a lot recently. But it’s got me back in to the swing of it, kinda.

Second Walk

This was a group effort. Me, dad, Maggie, and buttercup.

Left dads heading straight to the nearest beach. Hang a left and walk around the mosaics and archaeological park.

Arrive at the harbour, and it’s time for ice creams. Also got to see the staging for the opera that Maggie and dad are going to later. The Barber of Seville.

Also found a locust.

Back up the main road and back to dad’s (via the shopping mall of course)

Third Walk

Same idea as the first walk. Same route for about the first two-thirds. After that we split off the route and extended it slightly.

It’s been so nice just spending time with dad. Chatting. Not about anything important, just about anything, making small talk.

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