Paphos, Ryanair, and rubbish leg room

Air travel is always a bit of a fiasco. Especially on a budget. None of this flying in style super duper luxury class with the likes of British Airways. No, for me it’s steerage class with Ryanair.

Having booked almost a year in advance, October 2017 for a trip in September 2018, and paid for seats 17A/B (extra leg room for us lanky buggers), we were looking forward to our holiday: A surprise trip to Paphos to see dad on his birthday (shhh it’s a secret!)

Fast forward a few months 25th April.

Out at the Lock Climbing Wall with the ginger one and buttercup texts asking me to call her when we’re done. We’d literally just finished so I called straight away:

B/Cup: Can you do me a favour

Me: Yeah….

B/Cup: I think I might be pregnant, can you pick me up a test on your way home.

N.b. This is a story to be told in a bit more depth some other time.

Fast forward again to some time around June/July. Shit. We’ve booked those seats. Might be an issue.

Jump over to the Twitterverse and send a quick DM to Scrooge McDuck Air to get some clarification on if buttercup can use one of these seats in her “condition”.

“we do not recommend using emergency exit seats when pregnant” the answer came

Not an exceedingly helpful answer. So I press for a bit more information, in particular if it was a Ryanair policy, a legal issue, or just a general recommendation.

And that was the end of that conversation. I never got a reply.

Fast forward again and I still haven’t sorted out the bloody seats, only this time it’s 4 days until we leave. This needs sorting out.

I bite the bullet and just move us. But it’s not long before a shitty complaint is dispatched to Ryanair about this, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Of course this leaves me to deal with this as “leg room”

Legroom a la Ryanair
Ryanairs definition of flying in comfort and style leaves much to be desired for

I’m 6ft4 for christ sake….

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