Baby Lentil

22wks and 5 days. Over the halfway mark, no more morning sickness for buttercup. No odd cravings. Nothing really eventful which is always a plus.

Nanny is getting frustrated that she hasn’t felt lentil move, but to be fair buttercup has only just started feeling things in the last few weeks, and lentil won’t really be strong enough to make much on an impact outside the bump. I’ve only felt things a few times.

Very excited to become a daddy. Terrified of the financial ramifications, but let’s be honest, if everyone waited until they were “financially stable” to start a family, they’d never have kids.

Every day I stare at the scan photo on my desk. Really it’s far too distracting to stay, but no one’s ever going to say anything.

I think being pregnant suits buttercup, she has a happy healthy glow about her, and she doesn’t let anything get her down. She’ll be the perfect mother. Of course she will.

And one day in the not too distant future she be the perfect wife.

It’s not the “correct” order to do things, baby then marriage, according to some people. But methinks part of that may be jealousy. Some people are older, and a bit more Christian.

Just have to wait and see what the next 18 weeks bring us….

Edit: About 20 minutes after posting this nanny felt lentil move!

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