Madam is as Madam does

Why does he get to have Fridays off? I need Fridays off.

The envious shade of green madam decided to put on at this stage of the day was particularly impressive. Who knows what goes through her mind most of the time. Let’s be honest, we all know that she doesn’t actually need Fridays off for a reason, she presumably doesn’t even actually want to go part time to achieve something like this, she just wants what somebody else has. Or, allegedly has. It’s not even been confirmed.

Just one of many, many, many things the little madam has come out with that are beyond belief.

God I don’t get paid enough for this shit.

She said despite being the highest paid staff member in the department.

But it doesn’t stop getting better and better. On Saturday she was pulled in to a meeting with our manager. The nature of the meeting? Her multiple 11 minute plus “comfort breaks”.

She admitted at this time that she had been using this time doing whatever it is she does on her phone. She just didn’t care.

Not that that’s anything new.

Her tendency to pop herself on busy towards the end of the day on Saturdays for the last 10 minutes or so, so as to avoid that last minute call that would mean she might not finish work on time, hasent exactly gone unnoticed. So she’s had to change tactic. But they’ll catch on again.

Today she slipped off leaving herself on idle with the lines closed. That didn’t go unnoticed either.

And neither did her comment about people taking holiday to sit around she do nothing when she wants the same week to go abroad.

Or the prize she got given for having won a competition, except she didn’t win, they just gave her a prize anyway to stop her whining.

Because of madam doesn’t get what madam wants, madam will be sure to raise hell.

It’s a shame she’s such a stuck up cunt, if she wasn’t she’d be quite a nice person. Though I guess she does have one good attribute: she has a wonderful boyfriend.

He gave her Clamydia


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